Gentlecise or bootcamp, we have you covered

Personal trainer, specialising in nutrition, fitness and general well being, Amanda Stollery, is joining us this weekend. She’ll run a gentlecise class with some stretching and movement on Saturday and Sunday morning to ease us in gently into the day before we enjoy our cooked breakfasts. No gym kit required. If you fancy something a bit more challenging than that, bring your gym kit and book a free personal training session with her. She’ll adjust what she covers with depending on your fitness levels. Drop her a line to book in advance, or book when you get to the farm. And once you’ve done your workout, you can relax in the hot tub!

About Amanda Stollery

amanda stollery
Amanda Stollery, Personal Trainer

Running and marathon obsessed, no goal is too small and my focus is on simple, no nonsense, fad-free exercises. It’s all about keeping your mind and body happy and creating the right balance between work and play.

After being in the digital (mobile) environment for four years, I realised that something had to change. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a huge mobile, digital, tech fan – it is our future – but the lifestyle me wasn’t sustainable for me.
The two worlds of fitness and technology are starting to collide and merge, but there is still a fine line where technology is useful in exercise. It is important to ensure it does not become disruptive and invasive. Don’t let it distract you from the pure, simple joy of a run or a workout, and that post-exercise glow. But, obviously I religiously check my step count on my Google fit app.