Open Data Institute, Devon at Hacklands

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What can you do with open data?
With enough of it and with enough processing power you can predict the future. Much of this useful data is often locked away in government departments or publicly funded institutes. If only people could get to it and exercise their creativity we might be able to predict the onset of crop disease or plan harvest times better.

ODI Devon will be at Hacklands to explain how you can harvest information from these large data sets and put it to good use.

A bit of background
Open data has to have a licence that says it is open data. Without a licence, the data can’t be reused. The licence might also say:

  • that people who use the data must credit whoever is publishing it (this is called attribution)
  • that people who mix the data with other data have to also release the results as open data (this is called share-alike)

For example, the Department for Education makes available open data about the performance of schools in England. The data is available as CSV and is available under the Open Government Licence, which only requires reusers to say that they got the data from the Department for Education.