Walking in the woods

I love walking in the woods. I often go on my own, but I also very much enjoy the experience of walking with a small group with the opportunities to share observations and reflections as well as the chance to be still and silent with other people in a natural environment.

There’s so much exciting stuff happening at Hacklands over the weekend, but I’m going to give some time to pause from the doing, talking and actively thinking and to get away with a small group to breathe and reflect and just be for a short while.

We’ll be doing less, listening to whatever is there in the woods (including our inner voices) and see what miracles we can discover together. If it all sounds a bit mysterious, don’t worry, you’ve understood it completely, you’ll come back refreshed, at peace and renewed, ready to engage again with the hacka-festi-think-athon.

We’ll do sign ups for this at the beginning of Saturday. It’s best to do this sort of thing with a small group, so if there are more than seven people interested, I’ll do more than one trip during the day.