Welcome to The Bit on The Side at Hacklands

11802661_921154444611092_1630215430425415603_oOh do we have foodie delights in store for you, dear Hacklanders. The Bit On The Side Cafe, run by Nourish Catering, will be open for business on Friday evening with plenty options for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. We have barbecue delights for you on Friday night, a cooked breakfast on both mornings, Indonesian Laksa on Saturday night and a Persian Feast lined up for you on Sunday.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to buy additional cakes and snacks. Bit on the Side will also be serving soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee and choctails and cofftails at reasonable prices to sup by the campfire.

About Wendy and Nourish Catering

Wendy runs the Tarner Community Cafes in Brighton, where she uses local, seasonal foods to create a diverse range of meals, at a reasonable price so that it can be available to all members of the local community. The cafes work with volunteers with mental health and learning difficulties, providing them with training, and building their confidence to move into employment or other opportunities.

Most of her food is sourced by Nick from Fin and Farm who collects fresh vegetables, meat, and dairy products from local farms in Sussex & Kent with good ethical methods, as well as being very tasty. We’re also sourcing local Kent and Surrey produce for the festival.

More recently, Wendy started to provide catering for weddings, events and crew catering, building a business, Nourish Catering, which also provides an additional income which helps sustain her work within the community. Having recently bought a trailer, she is now expanding to larger events this summer. And we’re delighted to welcome her and her team to Hacklands.

Trains and taxis

Not got a car? Don’t worry, you can get to Hacklands by train. Trains leave London Bridge and Victoria Station at regular intervals on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, trains run regularly from Oxted to London Victoria.

If you’re not staying over on Friday or Saturday night, the last train to Central London leaves at 23.16.

You can usually pick up a taxi at Oxted station, but if there isn’t one there, or you would prefer to book in advance, try these local taxi companies who cover the area.

  • Westerham Cars http://www.westerhamcars.co.uk/ Tel: 01959 562091
  • Century Cars http://www.centurycars.net/ Tel: 01883 723 717  Freephone: 0800 311 2130
  • Oxted Taxis http://www.oxtedtaxis.com/ Tel: 01833 338 027 Freephone: 0800 298 4353
  • TrainTaxi  http://traintaxi.co.uk came up with these two numbers: Station – 01883 722 999 Direct Line 07885 868 085

The train journey takes about 40 minutes from London Victoria or London Bridge. You can also get direct trains from Clapham Junction, East Croydon and East Grinstead (if you’re coming from the other direction).


There are 2 or 3 trains an hour from London Bridge and 2 trains an hour from London Victoria.

Trains home on Sunday go into London Victoria via East Croydon and Clapham Junction. They are every half an hour. An off-peak day single ticket is £10.50 on a week day or £9.00 on Sunday. If you have a network railcard, you may be able to use that to get a third off the price.

Check your train times and prices at http://traintimes.org.uk or http://nationalrail.co.uk

Oxted station is in the town and there are cashpoints and a Little Waitrose and a Sainsbury’s nearby if you need to pick up any supplies.

Coming by car? The postcode is TN8 6RA for your satnav. The full address is Hurst Farm, Dairy Lane, Crockham Hill, KENT TN8 6RA There is another farm nearby – Dairy Farm. It’s not that one, it’s the next one along!

Gentlecise or bootcamp, we have you covered

Personal trainer, specialising in nutrition, fitness and general well being, Amanda Stollery, is joining us this weekend. She’ll run a gentlecise class with some stretching and movement on Saturday and Sunday morning to ease us in gently into the day before we enjoy our cooked breakfasts. No gym kit required. If you fancy something a bit more challenging than that, bring your gym kit and book a free personal training session with her. She’ll adjust what she covers with depending on your fitness levels. Drop her a line to book in advance, or book when you get to the farm. And once you’ve done your workout, you can relax in the hot tub!

About Amanda Stollery

amanda stollery
Amanda Stollery, Personal Trainer

Running and marathon obsessed, no goal is too small and my focus is on simple, no nonsense, fad-free exercises. It’s all about keeping your mind and body happy and creating the right balance between work and play.

After being in the digital (mobile) environment for four years, I realised that something had to change. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a huge mobile, digital, tech fan – it is our future – but the lifestyle me wasn’t sustainable for me.
The two worlds of fitness and technology are starting to collide and merge, but there is still a fine line where technology is useful in exercise. It is important to ensure it does not become disruptive and invasive. Don’t let it distract you from the pure, simple joy of a run or a workout, and that post-exercise glow. But, obviously I religiously check my step count on my Google fit app.

But, but… I don’t have a tent!

Don’t let not having a tent be an excuse not to come to Hacklands because we can solve that problem for you in one of three ways.

SB interior  (1)
Sleeping Bells deluxe queen bell tent

Don’t fancy slumming it? Prefer to have a luxury glamping type of experience? Then fear not, Sleeping Bells have that covered for you. Hire one of their fabulous bell tents complete with queen size air bed, memory foam mattress topper (for warmth and comfort), luxury duvet and sheets, an extra blanket, rugs on the floor and fairy lights. Extra beds and bedding available for hire too if you’d like to share your bell tent with your friends. There’s even a larger size bell tent you can hire. Find out more from Gavin at Sleeping Bells. Hire price is £200 including bedding for the Queen Deluxe option.

Not quite up to the luxury level but still fancy some space with friends? Well then hiring a nylon bell tent could be the answer for you. You can expect a spacious, dry tent already set up for you by the time you arrive at the campsite. You just need to bring your bedding with you if you want to keep costs down. Or you can hire bedding as well from Gavin at Sleeping Bells. Hire price for the nylon bell tent on its own is £80.

Tents from O2!
Tents from O2! We don’t recommend you try getting this many people in your tent 😉

If you’re more at the budget end of the scale, then we have a bunch of 2-man tents available for you at no extra cost at all thanks to our lovely friends at O2. The tents are billed as 2-man tents, but they’re small so probably more comfortable for a single person unless you’re happy being cosy with your tent buddy. You’ll need to bring a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag and maybe an extra blanket or two for comfort. When you book your camping ticket, just let us know that you’d like to reserve one of the O2 tents as well.

So there’s no excuse now. We have all your tent needs covered! Come on down and join the fun at Hacklands next weekend. Book your ticket now.

Introducing Warren Mailley-Smith, award-winning concert pianist & Chopin expert

Concert pianist Warren Mailley-Smith will be performing a selection of works by the great romantic composer, Frederyk Chopin (1810-1849) on Friday night.  His music ranks amongst the most important ever written for the piano and, unusually for many composers, his music has enjoyed enduring popularity ever since it was first written.
Tonight’s programme contrasts a number of Chopin’s well-known masterpieces with some of his lesser known and unjustly neglected music, written in his formative teenage years.
Chopin’s music is characterised by beautiful melodies, romantic harmonies with combining virtuosity and poetry in equal measure!
About Warren
warren mailley smith promo shot
Award-winning concert pianist Warren Mailley-Smith

The award-winning concert pianist Warren Mailley-Smith has made his solo debuts to critical acclaim at Wigmore Hall London and Carnegie Hall, New York.  In 2011 he made his much anticipated debut with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance of Beethoven’s Emperor Piano Concerto.

Warren is in increasing demand as a solo concert artist, having been described recently by Classic FM as’Stunning…’, ‘Fantastic…’  ‘Sensational’, ‘Huge UK talent…’, ‘Gorgeous…!’  and by BBC Music Magazine as ‘Rising Star – Great Artist of Tomorrow” .  He was recently featured as CD of the Week and Video of the Week on Classic FM and Classic FM TV respectively.

He has received over thirty invitations to perform for the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, Highgrove House and Sandringham House.

Warren studied at the Royal College of Music where he won numerous postgraduate prizes including a Countess of Munster Award and the French Piano Music Prize.  He then took further private studies with Peter Feuchtwanger and the late Ronald Smith.

Warren’s solo career now sees him performing in festivals and concert venues across the UK, accepting invitations from further afield to perform in Europe and the US.  His concerto repertoire includes works by Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Warren will be performing the complete works of Chopin for solo piano at St John’s Smith Square in a series of concerts over the next year starting on September 4th. We’ll be getting a unique preview at Hacklands. Find out more about Warren’s upcoming concerts here.


Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? Amazing Brain. Communication. Creativity & Free Will.

That’s the title of James Tagg’s recent book and is the gist of James’ discussion at Hacklands.

book cover
Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? Amazing Brain. Human Communication. Creativity & Free Will. by James Tagg

Alan Turing invented the computer, helped win World War II and left us with one of the greatest puzzles of our time – the imitation game. Can computers do everything a human mind can do? Many scientists think we have a tenuous hold on the title, “most intelligent being on the planet”. They think it’s just a matter of time before computers become smarter than us (singularity, anyone?), and then what?

In this session, James will talks us through some of the key points of the book and provoke discussion on some of its themes. The book charts a journey through the science of information, from the origins of language and logic, to the frontiers of modern physics. From Lewis Carroll’s logic puzzles, through Alan Turing and his work on Enigma, to John Bell’s inequality, and finally the Conway-Kochen ‘Free Will’ Theorem. How do the laws of physics give us our creativity, our rich experience of communication and, especially, our free will? There’s a lot of material there for us to ponder and James will help us do just that. Can’t wait until the session? You can buy the book now at Amazon.

_DAR5890James Tagg is an inventor and entrepreneur. A pioneer of touchscreen technology, he has founded several companies, including Truphone, the world’s first global mobile network. He holds numerous patents, filed in over a hundred countries. He studied Physics and Computer Science at Manchester University, Design at Lancaster University and Engineering at Cambridge University. He lives with his family on a farm in Kent, England. He is also co-founder of Hacklands and we’re holding the festival on his farm.

Whittling and Wisdom in the Woods

whittling and wisdom in the woods
Would you like some one to one time with our Transformational Coaches?
Would you like to understand more about how you can access your own innate wisdom?
Do you enjoy whittling, or think you could?
These free 1-2-1, group, or couple sessions will help connect you with your innate wisdom, peeling off the layers that may prevent you experiencing the beauty that is always in and around you.
Using Principles based conversations, talks, discussion, sharing and practical exercises in the woods at Hacklands, we will develop your ability to effortlessly create a smooth and friction-free reality. Using fallen wood as the medium for some of our learning, we will build on our knowledge, and build structures for understanding that last way beyond the time we spend together. You will also learn some practical skills, and enjoy whittling and weaving from natural materials.
If you’d like to sign up for a free one to one or group session in our Whittling & Wisdom Tent, please complete this form and Gavin and Stefan will contact you via email to confirm your session.
I’ve signed up, will you?

Creating a virus free personal infrastructure; a space for creativity or chaos?

I think all of us Hacklanders probably suffer from junk email and the odd computer virus and we largely manage to prevent the latter and ignore the former. But how do we deal with the equivalent in the brain? Gavin and Stefan will spend an hour or so with us on this topic.
We all know how to spot junk mail and scams. Even though it has our name on it we don’t open the e-mails or click on the attachments, we hang up the telephone as soon we realize that it is a con, and block the number that has called us. Yet with our psychological experience we don’t always have such clarity around which messages are relevant to explore and which to ignore, sometimes unleashing untold viruses on our system……
In this interactive discussion we will explore how an understanding of the principles behind our state of mind can help us to become better virus checkers and see through the ‘scam’ of our beliefs about ourselves. This will enable us to operate our personal systems more productively, producing more effective decision making and increased creativity. The discussion will point us towards clearer state of mind, more ease in challenging situations, and increased effectivelness in relationships and teams. Bringing this understanding to our enjoyment of Hacklands will enable us to enjoy more, while worrying less.
Gavin Presman headshotThe talk will be led by  Gavin Presman , author and corporate trainer, who regularly trains many of the UK’s leading media businesses in Sales, Negotiation and Influence (www.inspire-ing.co.uk). Recently he has been inspired to begin teaching about the impact ‘State Of Mind’ has on performance in an outdoor setting through www.insightinthewoods.co.uk. He is also experimenting with talks and workshops at UK music (& tech!) festivals. Stefan headshot
He will be joined by Stefan Cybichowski, apprentice to Michael Neill, author The Inside Out Revolution.
I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this session.