ODI Devon & Beyond

Last year ODI Devon became the Open Data Institute’s first rural Node, focusing on what’s beyond the smart city as well as applications of open data in agriculture and sustainability. Earlier this year ODI Devon launched its Beyond project in partnership with the Met Office, driving a more holistic, human and sustainable vision for smart technologies and data. With both ODI Devon and Beyond’s support, it means we have access to a whole bunch of data and a whole bunch of thinking that we would not otherwise have had access to. We’re very grateful for their support and excited to see what comes out of it all. Meet some of their team at the festival and go to their websites to find out more about ODI Devon and Beyond.

Design 4 Social Change / D4SC


D4SC is an urban innovation company who some of you may know from their Changify project. Founded by Priya Prakash, Priya also runs the #SmarterLondon meetup. Intrigued by the possibility of what a smart farm or smart village might mean in contrast to what a smart city means, Priya jumped on board the Hacklands Express to discover more. Join Priya to discuss smart things, blockchain and more at Hacklands.

Hack Horsham

Hack Horsham is passionate about promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) in the Horsham area. They are actively organising exciting STEAM events, working with startups and local education organisations. In parallel, they are promoting opportunites for STEAM related commerce in the Horsham area.

Tuttle Club

Organised by Lloyd Davis, The Tuttle Club is a loose association of people finding a way of working better together both online and off. There’s no need to sign up – everyone’s welcome at their regular Friday morning meetups at the Kitchen Cafe at the Royal National Theatre on the South Bank.


Every success story starts somewhere. Truphone’s started in 2001 when inventor (and our festival host) James Tagg got tired of a poor mobile signal where he lived and questioned why he couldn’t always get a great connection wherever he was. He thought he could do better. And, in that moment, Truphone was born.

Truphone’s mission is to deliver an outstanding international mobile experience around the world. That means excellent call quality, fast data speeds, reliable connections and local rates, both at home and away. They’re also providing some of the telecoms technology we’re going to play with at the festival including the test LTE network.

Find out more about Truphone here.

Heroes of Mobile

Founded by Helen Keegan, Heroes of Mobile is all about creating and running events and initiatives celebrating all things mobile. This includes the annual Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival in Barcelona and the Swedish Beers parties in London, Barcelona and beyond. Helen has experience in running all kinds of events from conferences to hackathons to panel sessions and parties. This will be her first festival to organise, but having attended and worked at many festivals over the years, we think we’re in safe hands.